Welcome to Another Space

If you’re reading this, you are probably a seeker, looking to connect with the deeper meaning of life. Perhaps you are on your own healing journey, or ready to share your gifts and hold space for others (or both). If you have chosen this path, congratulations on being a courageous soul who isn’t afraid to see the shadows along with the beauty of life.

We have been honoured to work together with you over the past 2 years and are looking forward to kicking off this fall season. As is becoming common in Vancouver, the property value of our space has increased, resulting in a substantial rent increase that will not be sustainable for us to continue operating in the same way.

In the short term, this means that we will continue regular operations until June 2018. In fact, we are excited to have our best year yet! Wondering how you can help? If you are a practitioner or facilitator, and have an offering that has been brewing in the back of your mind, we would love to host you at Another Space, and help you to bring your work to the broader community. If you’ve been thinking about taking a workshop at the studio but are waiting for the right time, this is the time!

We also welcome conversations if you have an idea of how you would like to get involved at Another Space, in the short, or longer term. We are so grateful to everyone who has come through our doors in the past 2 years and look forward to the growth and magic that will continue to happen within our walls. Email sarah@anotherspace.ca with any questions, ideas or requests! Looking forward to a wonderful (and possibly final) year together.


Sarah Peacock and Tada Hozumi,
Another Space Studios Co-founders

Another Space is a proud Groundswell Grassroots Economic Alternatives alumni project