Guidelines and expectations for the Workshop Partnership Business Therapy Mentorship program

1. Be prepared

Please read through our Studio Use Guide in advance. If you are using Mindful Payment, we recommend you get familiar about how to set up the payment booth beforehand. Please save the door codes that have been sent to you. if you have any trouble at the door you can buzz Studio Co-ordinator.

2. Deliver safe workshops

We cannot guarantee that our work will be perfectly safe for everyone, but we can do a lot to mitigate common issues that come up. Every facilitator is required to read and sign our Safer Space Guidelines.

3. Be flexible with numbers

We expect workshops to run if they have at least 3 registrants. Low attendance happens from time to time, even to very experienced practitioners. Smaller workshops are an opportunity to work differently and connect more intimately with participants. Healing work is a word-of-mouth business. When people connect to you strongly they will naturally support your work, and these early adopters are often the best advocates!