Labyrinth Seed Pattern: Creating Seeds of Change with a Labyrinth

The Labyrinth Seed Pattern: Creating Seeds of Change Workshop is a Solution-Focussed Workshop.

This experiential workshop offers the opportunity to learn the Seed Pattern for creating a Classical Cretan Labyrinth.  The creating of a labyrinth has been used for millennia to engage mindfully with the self, breath and movement for self-regulation, stress release and problem-solving.

The journey to the centre of the labyrinth is symbolic of remembering and reconnecting with the whole (health) of ourselves in a compassionate and accepting way.  When we come out of that inner journey, we connect with the world again in a transformed way.

Various materials will be provided, such as textiles, wire, bamboo and visual art media to design and create a personal finger labyrinth to use as a tool for:

  • Meditation
  • Self-reflection
  • Problem-solving


Diana McKenzie, MSc, RDMP is a UK-registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist with extensive experience in labyrinth facilitation, mindful movement and addictions counselling.  A life-long dancer in several disciplines, she believes passionately in community and inclusivity and holding the space, with and for Others, with compassion, acceptance and respect.

“We listen to our feet, the ground, our hearts.  We breathe in movement or in stillness.  We learn there are worn paths, and surprises when we least expect them.  We spiral through personal and transpersonal encounters, one informing the other in a dance of expansion and integration.”  Lowell, 2007