Studio Use Guide

Important: Our studio is located within a residential building. We share our inside and outside common areas with other people who live in the building. Please take the utmost consideration in your use of the space.

Contact info

Sarah:  (604) 345-9357

WIFI: Another Space Guest
Password: artguest

NOTE: Downloading of copyrighted material on our internet connection is prohibited.

Respecting other residents

Please help us respect our neighbours. The grey door on the lower level leads to a private residence. Please do not disturb them by knocking on their door or walking in. The extra washroom is at the bottom of the stairs on the left with a wooden door and “bathroom” sign. If you wish to reach the downstairs residents in case of emergency, please use the buzzer outside the front door for “Notional Space”. If you have questions while on site, you can buzz “Studio Coordinator” to reach Sarah.


Bikes can be locked up to the posts outside or on poles around the neighbourhood. Please, no bikes inside!


Fire extinguisher is on the yoga prop cupboard by the front door and phone.
First aid kit is in the bathroom cupboard.


Feel free to use our sandwich board to advertise your workshop. It is stored near the front door and there is chalk in the art supply cupboard. You can use a cloth from the bathroom cupboard to erase the board.

Tea, teapot and large tea dispenser are available for your use. There is a bodum stored in the kitchen cupboard.

The studio is a shoes off space, but if you choose to leave shoes on, make sure to sweep and mop before you leave.

Buzzing People In

Your participants can buzz the “Another Space” buzzer by following the instructions at front door. When they buzz Another Space, the phone in the space will ring (on yoga prop shelf just inside the door). You can buzz them in by pushing 66.

NOTE: Please do not leave the door propped open at any time as it is a security hazard!


Feel free to use the art materials, folding chairs and tables. Use yoga mats and props to make yourself comfortable. Move anything you need, to tailor the space to your needs, but please make sure to leave it as it was found.

Cleaning spray and paper towels are in the bathroom cupboard. There is a second bathroom downstairs, the door on the left at the bottom of the stairs. The light switch is in the hallway.

Garbage, Compost and Recycling

It is very important to us and our landlords that we do our part to take care of the environment. All users of Another Space are required to carefully separate their garbage, compost and recyclables into the appropriate receptacles inside the studio. Recyclables should be washed clean before they are separated. This is very important, as we sort through the recycling ourselves when it is not done properly. If there is a significant problem, a $50 cleaning fee will be applied to cover the inconvenience to our staff and landlords.

Black and white garbage bags are located in the bathroom cupboard.

Waivers (Partnership and Mentorship Programs Only)

Make sure that all new participants sign a waiver form, stored in the ‘WAIVERS’ shelf inside the bookshelf in the back corner of room (NE corner). Signed waivers are to be stored in the ‘SIGNED WAIVERS’ folder in the the same filing unit. Please let us know if these are running low.

Collecting Mindful Payments (Partnership and Mentorship Programs Only)

All supplies required for taking in Mindful Payments are stored in the white filing unit in bookshelf.

  • Two Mindful Payment info sheets (white filing unit)
  • Envelopes (white filing unit)
  • Change box (In a grey box in the cabinet in the white bookshelf by the North East wall)

Step 1 (Before your workshop): Please set up the Mindful Payment station on the table by the North East wall. Take out the info sheets on the payment system and leave it on a table next to an envelope with your name, class name, time and date written on it. Having it set up before your workshop means you won’t have to rush to figure it out after!

Step 2 (After your workshop): At the end of your workshop remind participants that the workshop is payable by Mindful Payment and that they are asked to pay an amount that they feel reflects the value of what they received AND are happy to pay.

Let them know that they can read the info sheet to get more information on the system.


Participants can pay in cash by putting their payments in the envelope you have prepared.

You can use the change box to make correct change, but please make sure the right amount is going into the envelope.


There is a square reader (attached to a cell phone) to accept credit cards in the bookshelf cupboard. Instructions for use are on the back of the phone. Use code 1111 to unlock the phone. Find the “register” app and open it. You can ask your participant to enter the amount. They can then swipe their card and sign using their finger on the screen.

Pay Online

Participants  can also pay through PayPal or credit card at our website (‘Make a Mindful Payment’ link at up to 24 hours after the workshop.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to take down the names and e-mail of participants who would like to pay online and e-mail them it to us.

Step 3 (Filing the payments):  Once all cash payments are collected, please record how much is inside the envelope, seal it and deposit it into our mailbox located outside the front door.


After your workshop please ask participants who have used our mats to kindly spray them with tea tree mat cleaner (stored near mats).


NOTE: Please follow the exit checklist that can be found at

Windows / Lights / Fans

If you’re the last person to leave the space, please make sure all lights are turned off (including the hallway) and windows closed and locked (there are 2 locks on each window). Please turn off all fans and air conditioner.

 Dishes and Cups

Please wash and leave to dry any dishes your group used.

Locks / Doors

Please make sure that you lock the grey door to our space by twisting the knob on the inside of the door and testing to see if it is locked. Bring in and erase the sign and leave it inside the main door. The front door will lock behind you.