Support for therapists, coaches and other healers

Are you looking for more support in starting or maintaining your practice?

Another Space isn’t just a studio but a support platform for members of the healing community who work out of Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia.

Below are programs we have developed to support your practices. We also have compiled a list of helpful resources that we have learned from first hand!

Workshop Partnership Program

  • Do you want to host workshops but does the idea of paying for space bog you down?
  • Do you want a little bit of extra help in putting your work out there?
  • Do you want to feel like you’re part of a community that is mutually supportive?

Workshops are a great way to develop the visibility of your private practice, deepen your work, and participate in a community. It’s why we founded a studio and not just an online platform in the first place.


Our workshop Partnership program provides you with studio time at no-risk and promotional support.

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Therapist Directory

Do you want more support in kicking off or growing your practice?

We created our directory to support our community of therapists, coaches and other healers who work in alternative modalities.

Our directory is specially designed for you to share your personal story, philosophy and areas of expertise in a way that is approachable and accessible.

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