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Get support for your practice by supporting your peers.

Do you want support to kick off or grow your practice? Do you want to participate in community in a way that is supportive of your career?

Our membership system is a way for our community of therapists, coaches and other professionals who work in alternative modalities to mutually support each other’s practices.

Another Space has a niche audience interested in healing and personal exploration that is  continuing to grow:

  • 1300+ visitors per month
  • 600+ newsletter subscribers
  • 1000+ likes on Facebook

Benefit 1 : The members directory

The foundation of the community directory is the Peers feature! When you make connections with your real life colleagues, the connection shows on both your profiles, creating a natural peer referral system.

Below you can access a sample version of the directory we are currently working on.

Main directory:

Benefit 2: List your workshops

When you get a membership you will be able to list your workshops on our site and have them automatically connected to your directory profile. You can do this even if they aren’t being held at Another Space Studios, as long as they are held in the Metro Vancouver Area or online!

BONUS: One-off workshops go out in our weekly newsletter to over 600 subsrcibers.

How much does it cost?

Note: Updated Jan 1st 2017.  Terms of our programs are guaranteed through March 31st 2017.

We will be testing our directory system for the first few months in operation at the introductory fee of $12/month* or $60/6months with a $20 one-time setup fee.

*6 month commitment to begin. Price is guaranteed for 6 months in the pilot phase.


We would also love to hear what you think of the program in its current form. Please feel free to give us feedback on any aspect of it. Please send comments or questions to

I want to apply!

Please download this Application Form, fill it out and send it back to us at along with profile picture.

NOTE: We are taking a limited number of participating therapists at this time (10-20). Selections for the pilot program will be based on providing the community with a diversity of options in modalities, session fees and identities such as ethnicity and gender. All applicants are required to be certified with a recognized training program.