Mentorship Program

• Get support to work through blocks that have you feeling stuck

• Improve the visibility of your work

• Access studio time for workshops without the need to pay for studio space

About the program

At Another Space, we have seen and experienced the challenges that come with creating/growing/nurturing a business that is healthy for ourselves and others. 

This is why we created a nurturing support system to help therapists and healers work through these challenges. Our comprehensive Mentorship program provides you with one-on-one emotional support and guidance, visibility for your practice, and opportunities to create relationships with clients through workshops.  

What's included:

Business Therapy Mentoring Sessions

You will be eligible to receive one 1-hr session with a mentor of your choice for every 2-hr workshop you facilitate.

Directory membership

Our membership system allows you to create a profile on our professional directory. Our profiles have been specially designed for therapists and healers to showcase their unique sensibility as practitioners to potential clients, organizations and peers.

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Studio time for workshops

Workshops are a great way to grow an audience for your practice. You will be eligible for recieving one 1hr mentoring session per 2- hour workshop you facilitate.


NOTE: All revenue from workshops under the mentorship program will go to Another Space to cover costs for the program.


 The services we offer in the program have a value of approximately $200 and is offered to our community on a sliding scale of $50-150 per cycle (includes one 1hr mentoring session and 2hr workshop).


NOTE: If this price is not financially accessible to you, please let us know what your situation is so that we can accomodate you!

I want to apply!

If you are interested in the mentorship program, please download and fill out this application form and return it to Please understand that we have limited slots available and we will be selecting applicants based on fit with our program.

NOTE: This program is currently in the beta stage. Details around fees and structures may change without notice.