Workshop Partnership

Access our flagship with no rental cost.

We love workshops! Workshops are a great way to develop the visibility of your private practice, deepen your work, and participate in a community. It's why we founded a physical studio space and not just an online platform.

We wanted to go the extra mile to create a program that helps our community access the space as well as support our greater vision.

With our Workshop Partnership Program you get:

• 2 hours of studio time per month for your workshop
• Promotion of your workshop on our website listings and social media (1400+ site visitors/month, 600+ newsletter subscribers, and 1100+ followers on facebook)
• Professional online registration and payment system that includes automated reminders for participants
• 55% of net revenue from your workshop

NOTE: Practitioners who have less than 2 years of experience or are new to workshops are encouraged to apply to our Mentorship Program before joining the Workshop Partnership Program.

The Mentorship Program includes:


• 1hr of 1-on-1 Business Therapy

• 3-month trial membership to our directory

•  Studio time to run workshops

We have two standardized ways that workshops are paid for in our Workshop Partnership Program: sliding scale and Mindful Payment.

Option 1: Sliding Scale

As of Sept 27th 2016, our Sliding Scale is set at:

Length (hours) Supporting Sustaining Sponsored
1 $20



1.5 $30



2 $40



2.5 $45



3 $50



Adjustments to the sliding scale can be made depending on the nature of the workshop and experience of the facilitator.

Option 2: Mindful Payment

In the Mindful Payment model, workshop attendees are asked to reflect on their experience and pay an amount that expresses the value they received and brings them joy.

During our pilot of the Mindful Payment system we have found the following benefits:

• Substantial gains in revenue. Attendees tended to pay at the top of their financial comfort level.

• Increased financial accessibility in a more empowered frame than by donation or pay-what-you-can.

• Feedback from participants that the opportunity to reflect on the value of the workshop enriched their experience.

If you are interested in participating in this program please send us an e-mail to with a brief proposal (2-4 sentences) and a description of your practice including your training/education.